Vol 13, No 39 (2014)

JSRI vol. 13, issue 39, Winter 2014

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Moses Role in Writing the Torah: The History of Jewish Fundamental Tenet PDF
Eran Viezel 3-44
The Moment Of Faith: Against Relativism Through A Reinterpretation Of The Story Of Abraham PDF
Justin M. Zyla 45-67
Asian Modernization and Mediatization of Religion PDF
Sunny Yoon 68-90
The "Self-Shaping" of Culture and Its Ideological Resonance: The Complicity of Ethos and Pathos in the Japanese Advertising Disco PDF
Rodica Frentiu 91-116
Religion and Folklore or About the Syncretism of Faith and Beliefs PDF
Gabriela Rusu-Pasarin 117-139
The Role of Religion in Advertising: The Case Study of the "Batman" TV Commercial PDF
Maria Cernat 140-163
Religious Leadership and Environmental Concerns. A Mining Project Case Study PDF
Calina Ana Butiu, Mihai Pascaru 164-180
The Mediation Effect of Response Expectancies between Religious Coping and Non-Volitional Responses in Patients with Breast Cancer PDF
Aurelian I. Bizo, Adrian N. Opre, Alina S. Rusu 181-202
Religion in a Secular State and State Religion in Practice: Assessing Religious Influence, Tolerance, and National Stability in Nigeria and Malaysia PDF
Chuwunenye Clifford Njoku, Hamidin Abd. Hamid 203-235
The Role of Pentecostalism in Democratic Development. A Case Study of Brazil PDF
Amber Johansen 236-262


Dynamics of Religion in a Broader Europe PDF
Ioana Repciuc 263-274

ISSN: 1583-0039