Clash of Two Religions: Erosion of Indigenous System by Pentecostalism in the Shona People, Zimbabwe

Obediah Dodo


This desk analysis exposes conflicts that have been created by the coming of Christianity and how they may be resolved from an endogenous perspective within the Shona people in Zimbabwe. The analysis looked at archival material and reviewed some classical literature related to the clashes pitting the two religions. The analysis is influenced by two theories: Social Dominance and Clash of Civilizations. The two theories argue that in society, there are struggles for domination which lead to conflicts among belief systems. The study acknowledges that while Pentecostal Christianity has contributed to the demise of indigenous practices through its tough approach and the use of financial resources, there are other indigenous factors. Rescuing indigenous practices from extinction may be a challenge given that almost all the institutions have adopted Christian models while association with indigenous systems is now a shame. However, documentation and practicing the rituals for continuity purpose are encouraged.


Religion, traditional practices, indigenous, endogenous, conflict

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