Biblically Inspired Tattoos in Forensic Examinations Made on Inmates? Bodies in Prisons Territorially Assigned to the Forensic Institute of Medicine from Cluj

Dan Perju-Dumbrava, Daniel Ureche, Cristian Gherman, Ovidiu Chiroban, Laurian Stefan Bonea, Carmen Corina Radu


Since ancient times, tattoos were a form of expressing spiritual trends or a life style. Our country does not have a very complex culture regarding tattoos or persons who practice this kind of art and thus for their bearers the majority of existing tattoos lack a special meaning. In forensic science, by conducting physical, traumatic expertise or by postponing the punishment, we find, a lot of times, persons in detention for different criminal acts, and the examination of these is necessary. According to this retrospective study, we noticed an increased frequency of biblical tattoos in the case of convicts from the prisons that belong to Forensic Institute of Medicine from Cluj. We will try to find explanations in the forensic literature for the marks they have and if these have a special meaning for them, and also for the circumstances in which these were made. We will also present the church s point of view regarding these practices.


inmates, tattoos, Christianity, psychology, prison

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